Stephen Colbert on Pres. Obama's 2011 slogan, "Win the Future"
Stephen Colbert discussing Pres. Obama’s 2011 slogan, “Win the Future”

Between planning for class tomorrow, finishing a travel grant application that I thought was already finished, researching my dissertation prospectus, and trying desperately to put together a course proposal for the Spring 2014 semester [BTW, how is it already time to be thinking about next semester? Yeesh.], I can’t seem to get out of my own way long enough to get today’s “3-for-3” posted on the blog.

I’ll try to make up for today’s late post by including five — count ’em, FIVE! — links to various articles/essays that I think are kinda’ awesome. (I’d rename today’s post “5-for-3,” but that’d probably make everything more confusing than it needs to be.)

I think I’ll let the link titles do all the talking for me here; I have to get back to weighing the pros of cons of various texts that may or may not wind up on the syllabus of a course I may or may get to teach next spring…

1. “i taught at the worst school in texas”
2. if canadian college students would simply behave like canadian economists want them to, they would have ALL THE JOBZ
3. wait, why is this classroom upside-down again?
4. “we know exactly what we need to do”
5. breaking into the theological boys club

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